4 Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney

Uncle Sam and the IRS put fear into the hearts of many Americans, with good reason. If you fail to file taxes or avoid paying taxes, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble, including potential time behind bars. You won’t always need a tax attorney to help with tax matters, but many situations may also apply that cause the need for this expert, such as the four below. When you need tax attorney service sarasota, don’t attempt to handle things yourself!

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1.    Tax Audit: Audits are scary for anyone. The good news is that under 4% of all tax returns are audited. More people are audited who earn six figures or more than people in other income brackets. Even still, anyone can be audited, at any time. Hire an attorney if you are facing this unfortunate circumstance.

2.    Owe Taxes: If you owe taxes to the IRS that you cannot pay, call an experienced attorney at once. They can help stop levies, garnishments, and other potential outcomes such a situation could cause.

3.    Starting a Business: If you are living the American dream and plan to soon open a business, do so with the help offered by a tax attorney. There are many requirements and laws pertaining to business ownership that you must follow.

4.    Not Filed Taxes: If you’ve not filed taxes in some time, you’re probably scared of the IRS. Contact a tax attorney to ease your fears and get back on the right track with the IRS.

The reasons to reach out to a tax attorney on the list above are only a handful of the many reasons to reach out to this expert. Don’t tackle legal tasks without the expertise an attorney brings to the situation and live to regret that decision.